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Dr. J.T. Wright

Dr. Wright graduated from the University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine in 1965. Undergraduate studies were at Stetson Univ., Univ. of Mass and American International College. After graduation Dr. Wright did an informal residency in Equine Orthopedic Surgery at Univ. of Pa’s. New Bolton Center with Drs. Charles Raker and Jacques Jenny. Among Dr. Wright’s mentors were Drs. Stewart Harvey (Monson, Mass.), Francis X. Austin (Belchertown, Mass.) former command veterinarian U.S. Calvary - Europe WW1, Dewitt Owen (Franklin,Tenn), Gen. Wayne (Sage) Kester (Golden, Col.), Bill Reed (Belmont, N.Y.), Thomas Duncan (Chicago, Ill.), James O’Connor (Epping, N.H.) and J. Tom Vaughn (Auburn,Al.) to mention only a few.
Dr. Wright has been a life-long horseman. He won his first blue ribbon in 1938 and has competed in most disciplines over the years including: 5 Gaited Saddlebred, Walking Horse, Reining, Cutting, Stock Horse, Driving, Standardbred racing, Hunting, Jumping, and all activities of Arabians from Park Horse to 100 mile competitive competitions. Prior to veterinary school Dr. Wright had a public training and show facility, and while in veterinary school one of his jobs was as trainer for Snow’s Pony Farm (Hull, GA.) training their driving ponies and multi pony hitches, later he trained and raced Standardbreds.
Dr. Wright learned the art of blacksmithing and farriery from about age 8 until 25+ over the forge of Mr. Charles Daley (New Braintree, Mass). Many lameness cases begin with, or are treated by, foot care and proper shoeing, making this knowledge very important for a diagnosing veterinarian. Mr. Daley was a 4th generation master blacksmith who never allowed himself to be called a farrier - in his mind all they could do was nail on “keg” shoes - he never used a ready-made shoe and retired at the age 88.
Dr. Wright’s client list is both national and international. U.S. clients are located in 29 states. International clients have been from several Canadian Provinces south throughout Central America and as far south as Brazil in South America, also in several European countries. He has been a speaker at local, state, national and international veterinary meetings and visiting instructor at several veterinary colleges. He is Past President of a large Rotary Club in Miami-Dade County Fl. and was honored for his leadership by the club who made him a Paul Harris Fellow.

Doc Wright 41329 Pond's Lane
Weirsdale, FL. 32195
A Primary and Referral Practice for the horse (352) 409-1974

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