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Diagnosing the source of your horse’s problem and therapy to satisfactorily correct the problem is our desire.

This is an Equine Practice emphasizing internal medicine and lameness diagnosis often combined with acupuncture or chiropracty for complete diagnosis and treatment. I feel that utilizing both Eastern and Western medicine and diagnostics can , often yield faster and better results than either modality alone.
Where possible we prefer to work with the attending, or referring veterinarian to reach a diagnosis and treatment protocol that the attending veterinarian and/or farrier can follow. This must be done with the horse present, but occasionally may be done by reviewing digital videos and radiographs to produce preliminary thoughts. Often special lab work, procedures, or diagnostic testing requires that I refer your horse to a major equine hospital or Veterinary Teaching Hospital where specialized equipment or procedures are available.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Doc Wright

Doc Wright 41329 Pond's Lane
Weirsdale, FL. 32195
A Primary and Referral Practice for the horse (352) 409-1974

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